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Official Rules Symmetry rank
The official AfteRain contest rules:
·    When estimating the symmetry rank only the picture area is considered and borders are disregarded.
·    The picture part of a chip is considered to be a square.
·    Final positions of the puzzle, or solutions, cannot be claimed.
·    Figures which can be derived from the known figures using reflection or rotation are considered the same as the existing figures and cannot be claimed.
·    Only configurations with a symmetry rank more than 1 can be claimed.
·    Only registered owners of the full version of AfteRain® are eligible to claim prizes.
·    In order to claim a prize, contestants agree to provide the whole path from one of the final states of the puzzle to their new figure. The legitimate path is a sequence of images or configuration files saved after each individual move.
·    Contestants agree to provide us with their personal information including names and photos to be used in further promotions.
·    Selecting The Weirdest Figure Of All Time is totally up to us and is not negotiable.
·    These rules and prize information are subject to change without notice.

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